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The company "Biopasta Srl" is located in the Industrial Zone of Tito in the distant 2001 and from the beginning has set as a goal to want to re-evaluate and support the tradition of pasta Lucana while marrying the ideal of the "Organic Product par excellence ", But always trying to preserve the taste of a product made with simple ingredients: water and durum wheat semolina.

To do this the production is entirely artisan and we rely only on qualified personnel with the same patience and passion of the master pasta makers of the time. Making pasta is a family passion for us: coming to our laboratory you can verify that next to our employees we are always in first person to follow all the various stages of production.

Biopasta S.r.l. | Via E.De Nicola, 38 | 85050 Tito (PZ) | P.IVA .IT01722650767. | Tel. +39 339.1195459 | mail: info@biopastasrl.it

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